Waterproof Foundation

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When protecting your foundation, drainage is the key element of any waterproofing system. Keeping a waterproof foundation is a difficult task. It is important to keep surface drainage away from your foundation as well as the correct drainage below grade. Forever-Dry Basement Waterproofing in Alsip, IL can help.

Forever Dry

Uses the best highest quality materials and service features to eliminate cracks in the foundation and a leaky basement.


Is a tar based solution that is painted or rolled. It covers the foundation and protects it from moisture. Waterproofing materials are better and contains rubber additives which will stretching over cracks as your house settles.

Downspout Extension

Also we install downspout extension systems to invert water from your house to other drainage system in your yard to prevent pooling of water at the foundation or access points to your business.

Recessed Downspout Extension

Installing a recessed downspout extension which can be buried without clogging with debris will keep water from the downspouts away from the foundation without interfering with the yard's beauty or accessibility.

Underdrains along the building perimeters draw-off excess ground moisture as well as surface runoff from downspouts. Trenches are lined with filter fabric and the space filled with rock.


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