glass block installationIf it is not feasible to waterproof basements or foundations from the inside because of a finished leaky basement another solution that exist is waterproofing from the outside. Depending on the on the circumstance all that might be required is an epoxy injection with a layer of Bentonite clay.

Bentonite clay

This material is a highly cost-effective remedial waterproofing system that stops water infiltration in existing basements and foundations. This is a excellent solution and is an extremely effective way to stop water from penetrating concrete walls, masonry block and irregular stone foundations.


In extreme cases excavating is necessary to get to the footer drains. The digging is done as close to the house or foundation as possible. After that the proper waterproofing application is applied.

Drainage Board

Insulated polystyrene drainage boards are designed to protect waterproofing membrane during backfill, and then to divert water from grade to a footer drainage system.

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